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Luxury Apartments and Condos For Rent Columbus Ohio

If your looking for Rental Real Estate in Columbus Ohio you will have a lot of options to choose from. Downtown Columbus has a lot of nice places you can look at, and will accommodate almost anything your looking for. When it comes to luxury you will have some very expensive options from Miranova to  Liberty Place but you may run into wait lists and unavailability due to high demand in these apartment and condo complexes. When looking for places to live in Columbus Ohio you should always look at reviews and prices. You should definitely look at sqft and actually go on tour of what could be your future home. Also answer questions like how many bedrooms and baths you’d like. Does it have a pool? Is there easy access to the highway? What is within walking distance?

Columbus and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to looking for an apartment in Columbus you may not only want to look downtown. Their are plenty of other great neighborhoods to choose from. New Albany is a great place to live just outside of Columbus with great schools and neighborhoods to live in that are not in the city. The same could be said about Dublin and Hillard just outside of the city. If you want to explore your options because it may place you closer to work or you just don’t like the idea of living in the capital city of Ohio then you may want to check out different apartment and condo communities to live. If a nice place with plenty of amities is important to you then you should check out LC Lifestyle Communities. LC has communities all over Columbus and can meet any need your looking for when it comes to a new home. LC has 10 different complexes around the Columbus area from the New Albany Community at LC New Albany Park all the way to the community downtown at LC River South. Below are videos that just show a few of the options LC has to offer.

Falls At Hayden Run

New Albany Park

Preserve Crossing


So if your looking for luxury apartments or condos for rent around Columbus OH and would like more options than just downtown then you would be wise to check out LC and what they have to offer. Yes there are many other options and places you can look at, but LC has a reputation to uphold as they are all over columbus and they love making their occupants happy. If your looking for a Real estate agent in Columbus check out McNulty Realty and for more information the McNulty Realty YouTube channel. We have a lot more to come and talk about when it comes to businesses and places to live in columbus and we will be reviewing everything for yowl Until then stay classy Columbus Ohio and check out The Ohio Resource page.